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The Zerena Project – a documentary film about an alien in mk

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 The Zerena Project (working title)  A documentary film telling the extraordinary untold story of an Alien spacecraft landing in Milton Keynes. *Currently in development.

NEW S 0008Our story takes place on the cusp of the introduction of the Education Reform Act in 1988, instituting a standardised education system that every pupil would follow and that would profoundly change the way that teachers work in schools.





Julia works in a first school on a housing estate in Milton Keynes. Some of the children at the school have complex educational needs. The current approaches don’t seem to be working, so she embarks on a radical solution.

One extraordinary morning her children arrive at school to find a silver spaceship has crash-landed in their playground and a scientist and police officer have cordoned off the area. The fearful children are soon confronted with what’s inside, an alien who they name Silver.

NEW S 0080

The teachers have no idea what might happen, they are taking a massive risk. The children at first are in a state of panic. Parents are phoning the education office and the Headteacher is fielding endless concerns about the spacecraft.





But as the day goes on something extraordinary begins to happen. The children reverse their roles, they become the teachers and Silver becomes their anarchic pupil. For six weeks the children harbour the alien, teaching her their language, how to live on their planet and how to stay safe.

In 2018, it will be 30 years since the introduction of the national curriculum and this film will reflect on whether teachers would be able to take a similar risk in today’s education system. The children who took care of Silver are grown up and until now no one has known about their Alien encounter, a time when they welcomed a stranger into their lives without prejudice.

NEW S 0184The film will include interviews with “the Children” their parents, the teachers, performers, current educators and the children and teachers at the school today.

It will include an amazing soundtrack recorded with the children about their experiences at the time, animated sequences and Anglia TV footage shot when they visited the school to cover the story.



The film is currently in development and we are fundraising. If you can help support this project or want to find out more  please email

The film will be produced by ICMK in collaboration with The Living Archive Project and Inter-Action MK